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Enryption Workshop 3.2 was released.
Fixed a few bugs and update the installation program.
Enryption Workshop was updated to version 3.0.
More update and more bugs fixed.
Encryption Workshop 3.0 was released.


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Encryption Workshop encrypts your files or folders with 128-bit encryption and batch process.

Encryption Workshop includes file encryption and decryption tool. Currently eight strong symmetrical block ciphers are implemented: Blowfish, Gost, Rc4, Des, Skipjack, Twofish, Tea and Xor. Any type of file can be encrypted/decrypted, not only zip files. If working with zip archives you might want to consider using encryption rather than password protection - it is much safer. Of course, if you are really concerned about privacy of your data, there's nothing to stop you from protecting your archives with password and encrypting them.

Encryption workshop can encrypt file.
You can encrypt a file or many files batch process once.
You can encrypt many files into a file.
Encryption Workshop can encrypt folders.
You can encrypt a folder and all the subordinate files. Can you create a folder and encrypt at the folder level.
You can double click on the encrypted lock box and the wizard popped up and ask if you want to open all or selected files. Prompt you for your decode code and after you double enter it open up all the files in readable format. But the Current released can not transfer new files into that folder be encrypted automatically.
You can encrypt all the files on a CD-R or CD-RW to a encrypted file.
  Notice: don't encrypt the encrypted files, otherwise the encrypted files won't success to be decrypted.
  You can specify explicitly what files you want to process or just point the program to a folder containing the files.

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You can encrypt the text and string.
Shred tool permanently overwrites and deletes files.

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